Summer Run Chinook Salmon

Summer Chinook Salmon are best known as “June Hogs.”  These fish are huge, bright, and strong. Put a 30-50 lb Summer Chinook on the end of the line and it will earn your respect.  Hook up one of these beauties in June and July.

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Summer Chinook Salmon are a very aggressive and bigger cousin of the Spring Chinook. Average size is in the 20 pound range with fish sometimes going to 35 pounds.


Although not as large a run as it’s Spring Chinook counterpart, the Summer Chinook Salmon fishing now gives us two to four weeks of good fishing in June and July. These fish are known for their size and taste similarly to Springers.  The season that brings these June Hogs also coincides with the warmer weather, the beckoning of sun back to the Columbia River Gorge.





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