A few of our clients....

Just a few of the Columbia River Chinook Salmon

Ken with young fishermen and a beautiful Coho Salmon

Just about as good as it gets...The Columbia Gorge and a 40 pound Chinook Salmon

This is big game fishing at its best... an oversize White Sturgeon!

An oversize White Sturgeon on the Columbia River

The Fish

Chinook Salmon

Columbia River Chinook fishing rivals fishing in Alaska with a much smaller price tag and the scenery is spectacular in the Columbia River Gorge. Spring Chinook are the tastiest of the Salmon, Summer Chinook are the biggest but the Fall Chinook is the largest run and lots of action with 2-3 fish limits. September is the prime time for these chrome bright Chinook that can reach 40 lbs. We fish the Bonneville Dam, Hood River, The Dalles, Stevenson and Cascade Locks areas. Stay an extra day, visit the many waterfalls and take in the beauty of the Columbia Gorge, as they say, the gorge is gorgeous.

Coho Salmon

Coho Salmon are also known as Silver Salmon. Coho Salmon range in size from about 5 to 20 lbs and are very active fish. They have been known to jump right into the net. The Coho Salmon fishery runs into October and Ken is an expert with their run as they migrate from the ocean to upstream. Coho Salmon run up-river to all the tributaries of the Columbia River.


Steelhead, AKA rainbow trout with an attitude, are a sea run species of rainbow trout. They can be a challenge to catch but worth the effort for they are a hard fighting and aerial performer. I make it look easy and will let you in on some of my secrets to help you hook up. Don’t let the size fool you, an 8 pounder will fight harder than a Salmon twice its size.

White Sturgeon

If really big fish is your goal, then take a shot at matching your strength to a 300-pound Sturgeon. These hard-fighting, aerial-performing giants will test even the strongest fisherman. Don’t let size fool you, even the "Undersize" Sturgeon put up a fight to remember. Best time for “Oversize” is late May through October, "Undersize" is year round.
Come fish the spectacular Columbia River for Sturgeon, Salmon, and Steelhead. The Columbia River holds the largest population of White Sturgeon in North America. Under-size Sturgeon, (under 60 inches), or trophy fish you can battle and release. You can fish for Over-size that are over 15 feet long and will make your heart pump and arms tired for a big game fishing experience. Spring and Fall runs of Chinook Salmon provide the best fishing in the Northwest. The Summer run of Steelhead is an exciting experience not to be missed. The Columbia River Gorge is just minutes from Portland and a few hours from Seattle. Join me in my comfortable 23' Willie Predator boat for an awesome fishing experience.